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How to Increase Website Traffic

How to Increase Website Traffic

If you are having low website traffic, there are many ways to increase visitors! It can be so frustrating to work so hard on your website and still have low traffic stats. You may have already tried a few tactics and have frustratingly seen no improvement. Rest assured, there are definite things you can do to ensure an increase in traffic flow. 

We know the value of details down to the words you use in your descriptions. There are several ways you can pull customers to your site, and here are just a few we know, love, and depend on ourselves!


SEO can increase your website traffic by ensuring your website features relevant keywords used in searches to bring your website to customers first. Search Engine Optimization is among one of the most important tools any digital marketer can use. This technique achieves a better search ranking, which results in more traffic to your website, leading to increased sales and better conversions!

High SEO rankings lead to high organic sales simply through optimizing keywords. There are many tools you can use to access which keywords you can use, or you can hire an SEO specialist to optimize your website for you!


Yes, email newsletters are still making a big bang in the marketing world! A sizable percentage of website traffic can easily come from engaging newsletters. You can use this method as a fun way for the consumer to have a personal feel for your business and to see the details you want to highlight. Special deals, ever-growing inventory announcements, personalized messages, or even product testimonies and reviews can be shared through emails that entice the consumer to move down the funnel line and buy. 

There is definitely a strategic process to emails that can sometimes take an email specialist to assess. However, the work can definitely be worth it! The pull emails made towards clicking through to your website can easily lead to a significant increase in overall traffic stats!


Blogs have a special place in marketing. They are articles of product information that can advertise a specific product or even an entire brand. They are versatile and useful when strategically used for SEO purposes for your website. This is a top contender for increasing your SEO stats for overall searches on any platform. Google is one of the first places people search for what they are looking for. This is why blogging is so important!

Blogs not only give valuable and useful information, but they drive people to your brand, site, and product, all by being an article of SEO.

Speak to Your Audience

If you do not know your target audience, then how can you reach those who want to see your website? Running an audit can easily help you find what group your audience falls in. Age, gender, hobbies, interests, jobs, and much more can help you know who to speak to effectively. Those who will be drawn to your site and your brand are usually within the same range of commonalities. Once you cater your voice to really speak straight to those groups of people, you can quickly increase your website traffic as people will be drawn to the company that understands how to intrigue its audience. 

Another way of speaking to your target audience is by reaching out to new places. Take advantage of social media as well as email campaigns and blogs. Keep in mind, your audience can come from unexpected places. If you are active in multiple places, you have a higher chance of reaching more people.

Utilize a Marketing Agency

If this all seems a bit overwhelming or you are not sure you can effectively do the things listed above, that’s okay! That is exactly what a marketing agency is here for. If you feel like you can take these steps, but you need guidance in the updated strategies and audits, then, again, a marketing agency is your best friend! They are experts in their fields and know exactly how to increase website traffic and optimize your systems. 

At BoBella, we are a marketing agency that has seen amazing results from each of our clients. We are committed to seeing your business thrive and succeed through every goal and dream you have! Reach out to us here if you would like to consult and see how we can help your business!

There are other improvements you can make to assess if they help as well. Change up your wording, use paid advertising, or update your brand if it needs a refresh. You can change things on a trial basis and see what works best for you. Not every website is the same, and there are many factors that go into traffic, but we assure you there are many ways you can increase these stats! 

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