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It’s time for a high-converting email marketing strategy

You know you need to send out emails, but you don’t have the time to execute it properly. Let us help you enhance your subscribers inbox experience with messages that convert.

At BoBella, we handle strategy, email creation, and campaign management to keep you at the top of your customers’ inbox and the front of their minds. Our team of email marketing experts understand the touch points necessary to engage, nurture and retain your most important users. We build high-impact workflows, automated sequence email journeys, post-purchase series, abandoned cart notifications, birthday shoutouts, refer-a-friend series, and so much more!

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How can we help?

Build email campaigns that convert

What types of email marketing strategies can we help you with

Automated Workflows

Workflows are a powerful tool to automate your client process. We can help you automate your systems and processes by preparing canned email sequences for all your business operation needs.

Email Journeys

Having a steady stream of well segmented emails that keep you in the minds of your customer will help you accomplish your marketing goals. We’re happy to strategize with your team and execute your email marketing plans.


Sending relevant emails after a purchase may include order confirmation, shipping confirmation, the product review request, and reorder reminders. Customers desire transparency and want reassurance that they made the right purchasing decision.

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned cart emails are more important than you think. Abandoned cart emails have much higher open rates. It is an opportunity to engage with an already interested buyer. More than 35% of people who receive abandoned cart emails end up buying something.

Birthday Shoutouts

Birthday emails are a great way to celebrate. Additionally, they are one of the most effective emails you can send. Birthday emails have higher transaction rates and higher unique click rates than promotional emails. We will help your subscribers know that you are celebrating their big day!


Your customers don’t just provide revenue to your business, they are also some of your best advocates. Encourage your customers to promote your business with an email referral program. When your customers suggest your business to their friends. everyone benefits.

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