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Marketing Coordinator (Part-Time)

BoBella Brands invites you to step into the role of Marketing Coordinator, an outstanding opportunity for those experienced in client-facing roles. As a key member of our flexible and expanding team, you’ll manage client relationships, elevate service quality, and boost retention efforts. You’ll contribute to project management, process enhancement, and seamless communication, requiring a blend of marketing expertise, meticulous attention, and proactive engagement.

Assistant Events & Promotions Manager (Part-Time)

Our sister company, BoBella Promotions, is looking to hire a part-time Assistant Events & Promotions Manager responsible for organizing and managing promotional events for our clients, several well-known beverage brands, in order to drive sales and increase brand awareness. As the Assistant Events & Promotions Manager, you will be responsible for liaising with our client base to organize events in MD/DC/DE, provide reporting on event outcomes and expenditure as well as recruiting, training and managing our Promotional Ambassador team.

Graphic Design Internship

We are looking to hire an aspiring Graphic Designer intern. This opportunity will provide a hands-on opportunity for an intern to get involved with digital, print, and branding graphic design.

Website Design Internship

We are looking to hire an independent Web Design / Web Development Intern. This opportunity will provide a hands-on opportunity for interns to get involved with website design and development.

Digital Marketing Internship

We are looking to hire a Digital Marketing Intern who has an understanding of Google Analytics and Google Ads. Our goal is happy clients. To achieve this, we want their ads to perform profitably.