Search Engine Optimization

Can your customers find you online?

Customers will always turn to search engines to find what they are looking for. Without proper SEO services people are unlikely to ever find you.

At BoBella, we can help you increase website traffic by optimizing your website for targeted search keywords. Search engine optimization (SEO) drives leads to your website. The main goal is to increase your online visibility and ultimately your traffic. There are many factors that influence your search rankings, from the technical structure to content, and backlinks.

It’s best to incorporate SEO services from the get-go. However, if your website wasn’t built with SEO fundamentals in mind, we can work with your existing site to get it optimized and ranking higher. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, updating their search patterns, and evolving keyword. As a result, your SEO campaign needs constant attention.

How can we help?

What keywords are you coming up for?

What’s included with our SEO plans:


We will analyze your website and determine which KPI goals to activate for conversion tracking. We will discuss with you an actionable game plan to kickstart your PPC campaigns.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation for any SEO campaign. We will help you find relevant untapped keywords where you can focus your efforts and rank highly.

Ongoing Updates

Search engines are constantly evolving and your SEO campaign requires constant maintenance to keep up. SEO can be time-consuming, but don’t worry – let us do it for you!

Link Building

It is crucial that your website is functional and looks incredible on all devices.  We will ensure that your website is formatted for desktop, tablet and mobile devises.


We will help you keep track of your leads and views to see how well your site is performing.

Code Optimization

There are a number of fundamentals that are important for your website code, such as site structure, tags, site maps and more. We will help you optimize your website code.

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