Retargeting ads

Bring users back to your website to convert

Retargeting allows you to continue the conversation once a user has left your website.

At BoBella, we make it easy to launch retargeting campaigns and capture more conversions. Retargeting can assist with both driving brand awareness and increasing conversions. We will build out specific retargeting ad campaigns that focus on the products that past visitors have shown interest in. This is a proven strategy to increase sales conversions.

By placing code on your website, you are able to retarget past visitors through Google ads, social media, and email campaigns. We will develop a customized retargeting solution that tacks and measures results on Google Analytics across all devices; laptops, computers, mobile and tablets.

How can we help?

Continue the conversation with interested users

What is included with your retargeting campaign

Retargeting Setup

We will set up specific audience tracking and work with you to define the goals and actions that you would like to see these specific audiences take.  

Ad Creation

We understand how to create ads that are tailored to your target audience. We will create custom ads and landing pages dedicated to the audiences that you’re remarketing to.


We continuously optimize your retargeting campaigns for lead generation. We think through your ad strategy and focus on the ads and offers that will generate the most conversions.

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