Lead Generation

Build a sales funnel that converts your website visitors into leads

Generate new leads and improve your conversion rates. We will help you create a solid sales funnels that quickly captures your visitors’ contact information.

At BoBella, we help you improve your lead conversion rate and bring in more qualified leads. Generating new leads and an automated sales funnel will help you generate sales even after potential buyers leave your page.

We will design a turnkey lead generation solution that simplifies and streamlines your sales process. By walking your traffic through each step of the sales process, you will convert them from “visitors” into paying customers. Additionally, by adding upsell offers, this will dramatically increase your revenue per customer.

Based on who your target audience is we will build a strategy that moves them from the awareness stage to consideration to conversion.  Even after they make a purchase, we will send highly-targeted messages to your customers with the goal of building loyalty and brand advocacy.  

How can we help?

Build an automated selling machine

Some of our lead generation strategies include

Sales Funnel

We will help you build an automated selling machine. Having a well-built sales funnel is key to moving prospects through a multi-step process that will turn them into long term customers.

Lead Magnet

We create a lead magnet incentive to offer potential buyers in exchange for their email address. This is a free digital download, such as a free checklist, whitepaper, industry report, eBook, quiz, video, etc.

Landing Page

We work with you to create an attractive offer and develop a specific landing page on your website that sells this offer to visitors. We then build out campaigns that will lead users to this landing page.

Drip Campaign

After capturing a users email address we will automatically add them to an automatic email drip campaign. This email marketing funnel is a sequence of emails sent on a predefined schedule to leads for converting them into customers.

Upsell Page

We will add an upsell offer to your sales funnel. We will show buyers a compelling offer to buy a more robust product at a higher cost before checking out. Upsell offers are one of the most effective ways to increase your average order value.

Follow-Up Funnels

Sending follow-up email sequences to your past customers can help to build brand loyalty and advocacy. Nurturing your new customers is an an ongoing activity that will increases your customer lifetime value.

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