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Using Logos is Only Logical

Using Logos is Only Logical

Never underestimate the power of logos. 

A picture may speak a thousand words. But, a good logo sells a thousand products with those words.

If that little bit of corporate art at a grocery store catches your attention, it succeeds in the first step to closing the deal. It has appeared on your radar. What else can it do? Read further to learn why great logos are essential tools. 

Logos Make a Strong First Impression

Even before the era of smartphones started shortening our attention spans, the almighty logo had the essential task of grabbing its audience’s attention long enough to read the company name. Today, logos have to speak loudly enough to break the hypnotic lure of every distraction in that pocket-sized modern marvel. 

Your logo shows what your company is about. The logo’s color(s), the choice in imagery and font project an image that will be the face of your company. It has to speak quickly enough to entice casual observers to learn more. It is a tall order to fill, and many fall short of expectations.

You are competing with Youtube, Netflix and a legion of applications designed to hold your audience’s attention as long as possible. Without a good logo, you are merely bringing a plastic butter knife to a gunfight.

Logos Cultivate Brand Loyalty

The logo may begin its life as a simple image that grabbed a potential customer’s attention. Over time, it takes on all the different traits your company is known for. Its presence on a product is your organization’s giant seal of approval. It tells your loyal customers that this new item is worthy of its predecessor’s reputation. It is worth their while.

Drastically changing a well-established logo may bring with it a lot of chaos and confusion. Sometimes companies change them to represent changes or new directions. The positive feedback and the backlash are proof positive of the logo’s high level of importance. Loyal customers worry about the changes they foresee. Change the image sparingly.

Logos Set You Apart From Your Competition

In a city where COVID-19 regulations force thousands to stay indoors, a cornucopia of customers relies on speedy delivery. There might be dozens of courier companies, but you pride yourself on fast, friendly service that guarantees a safe delivery.

A properly-designed logo accurately portrays what your company is, what it stands for and may not even need words to do it. Among the sea of logos with rockets, motion lines and flame decals, maybe yours is the smiling bright, green turtle with rocket boosters on its shell. Be seen. Be better. Be chosen. 

Dare to break the invisibility of mediocrity.

Logos Increase Visibility

The right kind of logo can supercharge your brand awareness by being made to appear everywhere. It should be easy to spot and recognize wherever your products are. Place it on marketing material, other products or even different social media platforms. It should find itself wherever your company operates.

This placement has the benefit of giving your customers a sense of consistency. They will know what level of excellence to expect in other products. Furthermore, they will be able to quickly differentiate between fan pages and official accounts run by the company on social media sites.

Having your logo in key places takes you one step closer to creating your ideal brand image. If one wishes to develop a reputation for being philanthropic, imagine what people will start to think when they see your company symbol displayed at multiple charity events. 

Logos Leave a Lasting Impression

Human memory is not perfect. Even people who had an amazing, positive experience with your brand may forget your company name! Do forgive them; it’s normal.

Humans are highly visual creatures. Long before written history, we experienced the world with our eyes wide open. Seeing your logo may jog a customer’s memory and cause them to recall instances far more easily than your company’s name. We’re just giving Mother Nature a hand.

Logos Appear Professional

Strong logos make you appear more professional. The presence of a good logo sends a signal that your company is capable and probably has sound business plans. This assumption helps garner the trust of potential customers.

Prove you are the professional you appear to be, and you will eventually gain their trust. As your reputation grows, your logo will carry your clout wherever it goes.

Your Turn!

Businesses of all sizes employ the use of logos to grow and thrive. If you do not already have a logo, stop trying to compete with your right arm tied to your left foot. It is high time to create one! You can get professional help in creating a new one or upgrade what you are currently using by contacting us today. 

Get out there and make your mark for all the world to see!

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