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The Importance of a Professionally Designed Website

In today’s virtual world, a customers’ first experience with your brand is often on your website. You know what they say about first impressions, they are essential. Like, really essential. It is important to convince everyone who looks at your web page that you are in fact the real deal and exactly the kind of business your customers want to work with. That is why the importance of having a professionally designed website is.


Don’t Rush It

First of all, building your own website can be very, very difficult if you are inexperienced. It can be a long, complicated, and time-consuming process. In fact, when working with a web design company the process takes a minimum of 4-5 weeks. If you are new at it, definitely count on a longer time period than that.

Some platforms and services might help you in making your own website, but oftentimes their preset layouts and formats leave your website looking sterile and uninteresting. You need a website that both catches the eye of your target audience and allows visitors easy navigation. Getting both is not an easy task, but that is exactly why there are professionals who do exactly that.


Optimize Your Website for Google

Not only do you want a website that catches the eye of your customers, but you want Google’s attention, too. To make sure your website comes up at the top of every search page, your website needs to have all the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) components.

SEO ensures that your website ranks properly in search engine results. In order to make sure your website is optimized, it needs to reach several checkpoints. One of which, of course, are keywords. These are the words within the content that match what people are searching for.

You might think you can reach top-tier SEO with a nice piece of content packed with all the right keywords, but that is just one facet of SEO. Websites need to have fluid navigation that allows the search algorithm to find it and put it on top. Think of it as a grading system for an essay. You might have all the right parts, but it all needs to flow correctly to receive a good grade.


It’s All About the User Experience

User experience is key to letting visitors and potential customers enjoy your website and all of its features. They want to be able to jump around your website and still be able to head back to the homepage so they can dive back in and explore some more. What they don’t want, is a website that forces them to click through every link and page to find what they’re looking for.

If a visitor has a bad experience on your website, they are gone and on to the next search result. Professionally designed websites keep users engaged and coming back for more.

The best way to maximize user experience is to have an efficient site structure. This means that the layout of your website is easy on the eyes and allows visitors to find whatever it is they are looking for quickly. Good structure also means that the content and information you want your visitors to see is right in front of them.


Fixing the Bugs

Additionally, a professional can deal with any bugs and broken links before you go online. Nothing scares customers away faster than error messages on your website. It could be that a linked webpage has expired, or your images are not loading. It can even be that your login system is broken. Whatever it may be, bugs result in a poor user experience, which in turn means your brand suffers.

Website bugs also impair SEO. If the crawlbot used to detect your website does not like the bugs, you will not end up on the top of the search page.


Conversion Rates

Now, you want to attract visitors for a reason. Whether it be selling a product or service, giving access to information, or communicating a message, you want visitors to click on your link and take the action that you are offering. Your conversion rate is the number of visitors versus the number of visitors that take the desired action on your site.

When SEO, website structure, and user experience all lineup, the result is often a good conversion rate. To make sure all of these factors line up, that your website looks good, and that you get the business you want, you should hire a professional web design agency.

The last thing you want is to tear out all your hair because you spent 14-weeks building a website on your own just for it not to deliver results. A professional can build your website to make editing a breeze. Showcase the content you want, where you want it, and establish an organized user flow that keeps your website from getting cluttered.


A Necessary Investment

The average cost of hiring a professional website developer starts at around $3,000 for a basic website.  This cost can go up significantly depending on the features and functionality that you require. Think of this cost as not just an expense, but an investment in your business. A good website can grow your business and your brand. It can make you stand out amongst a sea of competitors. A bad website can kill your business before it ever gets the chance to even get started.

Websites can be complicated and time-consuming to build correctly, but you do not have to go at it alone. Investing in a professionally designed website is the key to success in a virtual world. Contact us today to start building a beautiful website for your business.

Importance of a Professionally Designed Websiteimportant

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