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5 Types of Companies that Need a Marketing Agency

From startups to companies that have been around for decades, every business can benefit from having a marketing agency on its side. Marketing agencies specialize in optimizing systems and ensuring a self-running process is in place for a smooth-running company. There are many companies that have launched themselves to success due to the help of marketing agencies.

These are five companies that highly benefit from marketing agencies.

Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness and Nutrition companies are booming online right now. Digital Marketing has contributed widely to the success of many companies in this genre with Pay Per Click advertising and social media representation. To promote training, fitness/health apps, products, and services, these companies rely heavily on creating digital advertising campaigns targeted toward those with varying health goals. 

Why? Because it works!

Inspiration and transformations are highly actionable content showing concrete evidence of meeting fitness and nutrition goals. Health companies who know their target customers, how to reach them, and how to convert them are reaching new levels in their business. To achieve this, they need a strong marketing team that is dedicated to finding the perfect audience and delivering valuable content for conversions. 

Bars & Restaurants

Bars and restaurants rely heavily on customer loyalty. An effective way to boost interest is through exposure. Social Media is a highly effective way to achieve this. Another great marketing tactic is Google Ads. An expert marketing team will be able to utilize these tools to increase brand exposure to create interest and loyal customers. 

Marketing agencies are also ideal for teaching in-person service skills that bars and restaurants in the service industry require to establish customer connections. These businesses have a vast range of target audiences, so they have the luxury of being broader in their promotions. However, knowing how to keep in touch with customers and create loyal relationships is key. Using sponsorships, discounts, and event marketing are all areas marketing agencies can optimise in bars and restaurants. 


Google is one of the first places people look when curious about symptoms or when they feel sickly. It is so easy to simply type in symptoms or questions and, in a snap of a finger, find multiple answers – whether they are correct or not. The point is that Google is one of the top places people go first for medical advice. So, healthcare companies are investing in the best when they have a professional marketing team to work on Google Ads. 

It is very easy to monetize on “Dr. Google” by providing real, factual advice that is helpful and leads people in the right direction for medical assistance. This can be achieved through blogs, quizzes, email, and online portals. The health industry recognizes the incredible benefits and needs of quality SEO content. Not only to advertise their healthcare business but to explore the added benefit of connecting with possible patients in the comfort of their homes, from their screens.

Retail E-Commerce

Some statistics state that some social platforms, like Facebook, have led to 11.4% of sales out of total sales for digital stores. Digital Marketing is the driving force behind digital retail stores, so much so that companies that do not utilize marketing strategies usually do not perform as well in this competitive field.

Through the help of digital marketing, retail E-commerce has grown at a tremendous rate while pulling in its target audience, increasing its brand value, and gaining a loyal following. This marketing strategy means customers no longer depend on word-of-mouth exposure or traditional content while shopping. This also means companies can do a lot of experimentation and modification in their marketing process in the ever-changing market trends.

Law Firms

Marketing for law firms grows client bases and increases overall firm revenue. Potential clients need to be able to think of a firm and know who they are, what services they offer, and how they stand out. This can be accomplished with a marketing agency on the firm’s side. Email marketing, Google Ads, and social content are all great forms of marketing for law firms. Thankfully, a marketing agency can help to optimize each of these promotional forms and help the firm reach its target audience and goals.

If you are looking for a marketing agency to successfully launch your company, BoBella can help! Our marketing agency prides itself on helping our clients build brand awareness, establish a positive brand reputation, and increase customer engagement. We specialize in digital marketing, and our professional team has extensive experience in brand strategy, digital marketing, creative design, web design and point-of-sale solutions.

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